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The best way to dispose of your old scrap car is to use ScrapMyCar123’s scrap my car in Aylesbury services.

Scrap your car or van with ScrapMyCar123 in Aylesbury

Scrap car in Aylesbury with ScrapMyCar123

Has the time come to part ways with your old car? Is it broken or damaged? Did it not come through the MOT and is it too expensive to repair? Or maybe it is far beyond repair and just taking up space on your driveway.

It does not matter what the car looks like or in which state it is. Whether it is still working or not. Even if it has so much rust on it that you cannot see the colour anymore. We will buy it.

Contact us quickly to find out what we will offer you for your unwanted car or van. We will give you an instant quote, there and then.

The procedures we have in place guarantee that your vehicle will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

To kick off the process we need you to contact us with the applicable information regarding the “offending” vehicle. The price mentioned in the quote is the actual amount that will be paid to you. We do not charge any collection fees and there are no other deductions.

We make sure the entire process is without any hassle or stress.

Scrap My Car & Van Aylesbury

Do you live in the Aylesbury area and want to scrap your van as quickly and efficiently as possible?

We pride ourselves in our friendly and professional customer service. Our communication is easy, open and transparent.

The easiest way of requesting a quotation is to fill in the online form. Your information will not be shared with third parties. You will not receive any spam emails or SMS.

Based on all the available and relevant information about the car you want to scrap, we will give you a quotation. After you have agreed the amount offered in the quotation, we will send you an email and/or SMS to confirm what has been agreed.

You can drop the car off at our site or we can arrange a convenient date and time to collect the vehicle from your home or workplace.

Scrapping your car or van is so simple. Do not hesitate to contact us to get the ball rolling.

The price given on the day will depend on the price of scrap materials at the time you contact us. It is safe to say that the heavier your vehicle is, the higher the price is that we are able to offer. Also the state of the vehicle will increase or decrease the actual price we can offer.

Also the required paperwork will be taken care of by us. The DVLA will be informed and a COD (Certificate of Destruction) will be issued.

Depending on when you are available for drop off or collection, the entire process can be finalised within 24 hours.

What happens with your vehicle?

Surprisingly, still at this time of age, many vehicles are discarded in landfill. We at ScrapMyCar123 Aylesbury work hard to make sure the number of vehicles that end up there decreases significantly.

Storing scrap cars in the open like that causes many toxic liquids to leak into the environment. A much better way of disposing of scrap cars and vans is to sell it to us.

We at ScrapMyCar123 Aylesbury reassure you that your vehicle will be scrapped and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

The first action taken is to remove all liquids. Some of these can be reused. Others need to be destroyed.

Then all useable parts are removed from the vehicles. This is called “breaking”. The cars that are still in a decent state will have many parts that are still useable. By cleaning and reconditioning these parts, we are able to sell these on to DIY-ers or service garages. This way people can save money and help in our struggle against pollution at the same time.

The remainder of the car will be crushed or shredded. Here we are talking about metal, glass and plastic. Each of these materials will become raw materials again. Metal for example can be reused without a limit. Over and over again.

Easy 3 Step Process


Enter your details into our contact form and one of our salvage experts will value your car.


Arrange a convenient time and date for us to collect your car.


Your car is recycled or used for parts.

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