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If your car isn’t in the condition it once used to be, the only thing to do might be to scrap it.

You can scrap your car in Watford within a few hours!

Scrap your car in Watford with ScrapMyCar123

If you are looking for scrap car Watford, here at ScrapMyCar123 in Watford we are scrap car buyers that purchase vehicles that are no longer in use. Vehicles get abandoned for many different reasons. It could be that the MOT is demanding certain repairs that are so expensive that they do not make sense. Or the vehicle has been in an accident and has been so badly damaged that repairs would be too expensive. The reason does not matter. If your vehicle is no longer being used, we are interested in buying it.

We will buy your vans as well as cars from any condition, brand, age or model. Volvo, Peugeot, Mercedes, Hyundai and all others.

ScrapMyCar123 are licensed to remove and recycle cars and vans. This means we have proven that all our processes are according to the rules and regulations. The entire process from start till finish will be taken care of safely and professionally.

To get the process started, you need to give us the needed information through the phone or online. We will then give you a quotation. We do not charge transaction of collection fees. So the quotation we give you is the actual money you will receive from us.

We make sure the entire process is stress- and hassle free.

Scrap My VAN Watford

Our Scrap My VAN Watford services are highly recommended to anyone scrapping their VAN for the first time!

How do we work at Scrap Car Watford?

The entire process is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Give us the details of your car or van.
  2. We arrange a convenient time and date to collect your unwanted vehicle
  3. Your vehicle is recycled or used for parts

Because of our 24/7 service, you can contact us at any time of the day. We guarantee that the price we quote is the price we pay. No unpleasant surprises.

Don’t worry about the state of your car. Although it is a little easier to collect a vehicle that is still drivable, we are very much interested in undriveable vehicles too. Cars that have been in an accident, vans that have been stationary for many years and have given up the ghost.

We will get that eyesore out of your hair within 24 hours.

Easy 3 Step Process


Enter your details into our contact form and one of our salvage experts will value your car.


Arrange a convenient time and date for us to collect your car.


Your car is recycled or used for parts.

Scrap My Van for Cash Watford

Take away the hassle of trying to sell your scrap car or van with our scrap car services in Watford.

Scrap Car Watford

Do you have your eye on a new car? This is your quickest and easiest option to get rid of your old car. No matter what state it is in, contact us now. No need for you to deal with tire kickers and time wasters.

Vehicles that end up in landfill deteriorate over time and cause a serious amount of harm to the environment. Therefore ScrapMyCar123 Watford takes their responsibility very serious.

The scrapping and recycling of vehicles is a well regulated process. Only an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) can legally facilitate this process. Scrapmycar123 Watford is a registered waste disposal agent. This means we can guarantee that your vehicle will be disposed of accurately and correctly.

DVLA Paperwork Signed

For every vehicle that is being scrapped a Certificate of Destruction needs to be produced. This will be done within 7 days of collection of your vehicle. The DVLA will be informed that your vehicle has been scrapped.

When a vehicle is scrapped, many of the individual parts are still absolutely fine. These parts will be removed and reused. Hazardous materials such as antifreeze liquid, oil and brake fluid will be removed and disposed of appropriately. The remainder of the vehicle will be crushed and recycled.

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