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We are a full-service scrap car or scrap van buyer in Stevenage

Scrap your car or van with ScrapMyCar123 in Stevenage

We have a network of licensed scrap car or scrap van buyer in Stevenage.

When your old car is no longer making you happy, when it is too ugly, too polluting or too hesitant to start or plainly too broken down to repair, call us – Scrap Car Stevenage. It is time to venture into new pastures. No matter what your reason is to no longer want to own your car or van we will buy it.

We will buy any brand, type, age, colour, state and model from you. Contact us quickly to find out what you can still get for your unwanted vehicle. We will give you an instant quote, there and then.

We are fully licensed to remove and recycle vehicles. Our procedures have been developed, taking into account all the latest rules and regulations.

To get the ball rolling, all you need to do is contact us with the needed information regarding the vehicle you want to scrap. The quote that you will be given is actually the amount that will be paid to you.

From quote till collection, all without any hassle or stress.

How do we work at ScrapMyCar123 Stevenage?

The entire process is easy.

Scrap Car Stevenage
  1. Give us the details of your car or van.
  2. We arrange a convenient time and date to collect your unwanted vehicle
  3. Your vehicle is recycled or used for parts

As soon as the thought about scrapping your car enters your mind, contact us. You can call us or use the online contact form. To begin with, all we need from you is your registration number and contact details.

The prices given will depend on the price of scrap materials at the time you contact us. In general the heavier the car is, the more it will be worth. Also, the amount of damage on the vehicle will influence the amount we can offer you.

However, no matter what state your car or van is in, we will buy it. Even if your vehicle has been in a multi car pile up or has ended up in the water.

For total peace of mind, we take care of the entire process. Even the paperwork will be taken fully taken care of.

If your vehicle is no longer driveable we will transport it on one of our collection vehicles. Otherwise, we will drive it back to our facilities. You can also drop it off if that is more convenient for you.

The entire project could be finished within 24 hours.

What happens with your vehicle at Scrap My Car Stevenage?

Still, at this time of age, many vehicles end up in the landfill. Scrap cars often leak hazardous liquids, such as antifreeze and oils.

We at ScrapMyCar123 Stevenage can reassure you that your vehicle will be scrapped and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. In our process, all liquids will be removed and disposed of appropriately.

“Breaking a car” in our line of business means that the car is getting stripped of all useable parts. These parts will be cleaned, reconditioned and guaranteed again. This includes mechanical, electrical and body parts. Many DIY-ers and service garages use these second-hand parts to replace broken or missing parts. Another brilliant way of saving money, without having to use cheaper non-branded or copied parts.

After removing the liquids, hazardous materials and the reusable parts, we are left with materials such as metal, glass and plastic. These will be crushed, shredded and recycled. The purposes these materials can be used for are endless.

The process will be completed by producing a Certificate of Destruction and informing the DVLA that the vehicle is no longer in use.

Easy 3 Step Process


Enter your details into our contact form and one of our salvage experts will value your car.


Arrange a convenient time and date for us to collect your car.


Your car is recycled or used for parts.

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