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Scrap your car or van with ScrapMyCar123 in Slough.

Scrap Car Collection Slough!

And our friendly staff will give you a no obligation quote on your scrap car in Slough.

If you are thinking of scrapping you ugly, broken or unwanted car then ScrapMyCar123 in Slough is the first call to make. No matter what the reason is you no longer want your car or van we will buy it off you.

Are the repairs needed to get your vehicle through the MOT no longer economical?

Were you in an accident or is your car past its sell-by date? Call us to find out what your car is still worth. We buy any unwanted car or van. Any brand, any age, any model.

We are licensed to recycle and remove vehicles. This means our procedures are developed following the latest rules and regulations.

To get the process started, all you need to do is provide us with all the available information about your car or van. You will then be given a quotation. The money quoted is all yours, nothing will be deducted from that. No transaction- or collection fees.

From quote till collection, all without any stress or hassle.

Scrap My Car Slough

How do we work at ScrapMyCar123 Slough?

The entire process is easy.

  1. Give us the details of your car or van.
  2. We arrange a convenient time and date to collect your unwanted vehicle
  3. Your vehicle is recycled or used for part

Whenever the thought of scrapping your car occurs, contact us. Put your mind at ease and find out right away what your vehicle is worth. As a rule of thumb, you could keep in mind that the heavier the car is, the more it would be worth.

No matter what state your car or van is in. If your vehicle is still driveable, we will drive it away or you can drop it off. Or if this is not possible we have a fleet of transport vehicles that can take care of the drive to our facilities.

From quote to collection within 24 hours.

Are you planning to buy a new car? Selling your old car to ScrapMyCar125 in Slough is the quickest and easiest way to get your hands on some quick cash.

It saddens us that still now many vehicles end up in the landfill. The problem with this is that the vehicles deteriorate over time and this causes a serious amount of harm to the environment. ScrapMyCar123 Slough can reassure you that every vehicle will be processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Useable parts will be cleaned, reconditioned and guaranteed again. Ready to be sold. We are very keen on reusing items that are still in perfect condition. Even insurance companies are using reconditioned items more and more.

Liquids will be removed and disposed of appropriately. The remainder of the vehicle will exist of metal, glass and plastic. Both will be crushed and recycled. It is fabulous to see what these materials can be used for.

At the and of the entire process we will produce a Certificate of Destruction and inform the DVLA that the vehicle is no longer in existence.

Check out the TOP three tips below on how to get started and what to expect

Tip 1: Ensure ownership

To receive any cash for your scrap car or van, you must be the established owner of the scrap car or van. Be sure to hold the title of your scrap vehicle before getting the scrap vehicle quote.

Tip 2: Assess any damage

It’s a good idea to research the extent of the damage if you want to scrap a van for cash after an accident or breakdown. Various properties of your scrap vehicle are considered in the scrap car valuation process.

Tip 3: Drop it like it’s hot

If you can drive your scrap car or van and have access to a nearby Car Scrap Yard, then you could increase your Scrap Car quote by simply dropping your Scrap motor off, rather than arranging collection. You may get more cash for your scrap vehicle if you drive it there yourself- this can sometimes even double your scrap car valuation!

Easy 3 Step Process


Enter your details into our contact form and one of our salvage experts will value your car.


Arrange a convenient time and date for us to collect your car.


Your car is recycled or used for parts.

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