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Scrap your car or van with ScrapMyCar123 in Luton

Are you trying to decide what to do with your scrap car? When a vehicle is damaged or no longer working, it will be challenging to sell it on. That is why we strongly suggest contacting us to see what we can offer you for your scrap car.

There is no need to have an eye sore parked on your driveway, having to walk past it every day and annoying your neighbours in the process. When we buy and take away your unwanted vehicle, it is all sorted immediately. There is no need to place multiple adverts, no need to stay home for appointments and deal with people’s complaints or wasting of time.

The service what we offer at Scrap Car Luton is the quickest way to dispose of your ugly or immobile car or van and receive some quick cash. We buy any brand, model, shape or state of car and van. We do not discriminate.

How do we work at ScrapMyCar123 Luton?

We at ScrapMyCar123 Luton have many years of experience in recycling and disposing of unwanted cars and vans professionally and responsibly. Customer service is of the utmost importance to us. The information exchanged between us, and our customers is 100% transparent.

Our prices are competitive, and payment is quick. This is a no hassle and no stress process.

You give us the information about your unwanted, damaged, broken down or surplus vehicle. We give you the price we can pay for it. And as soon as you accept our quotation, we arrange collection and payment. It really is as easy as that. Do you prefer cash payment or bank transfer? The choice is yours.

By not charging any collection- or registration fee, we keep the entire process ever more evident. The amount agreed is the amount payable.

People are a little hesitant about giving out contact details online or on the phone, which is fair enough, as many companies do not take privacy very seriously. However, we promise not to share your details with third parties. And we also do not use them for sending out spam emails or texts.

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Our customer service team in Luton is waiting to help you

Recycling processes have developed over the years. New methods allow even better ways of recycling and disposing of. Even materials that formerly were not recycled as much are now reused and recycled fully. It is great to see what is possible nowadays. And we strive to take it further and further.

When you decide to scrap your car with us, we can promise you total peace of mind. We assure you that everything will be done to make sure your scrap car finds its way to new pastures in an environmentally responsible way.

To begin with, all hazardous materials are removed. Some can be cleaned and used again. Others have to be destroyed.

Many parts of scrap cars are still in perfect condition. Whether a vehicle has been in an accident or has been neglected for many years, there is still a high possibility that there are a lot of useable parts. These parts are removed, cleaned and checked. The ones that are in perfect condition are sold on, under guarantee — this way, people can use original parts for only a fraction of the cost.

The remainder of the car will mainly be plastic, glass and metal. These three materials are fully recyclable. Metal will be melted and then used in various new production processes. This is a process that can be repeated endlessly. Recycled plastic is used more and more for totally different applications too, for example, in road surfaces or playground surfaces. It is great to see what new inventions will come to the foreground next.

Scrap Car Luton

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