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If you have ever wondered if there is a scrap yard in Corby where you can scrap your car for cash, look no further.

Scrap your car in Corby from ScrapMyCar123

At scrap my car in Corby, we can help.

We will provide an instant cash price for your scrap car and will collect your car at your convenience to make the whole process as simple as possible. We also guarantee that our prices remain competitive with other local scrap car dealers in Corby.

Scrap My Car Van Corby car collection and car scrap services in Corby are fully licensed as you would expect. We also deliver a professional, friendly service at all times. This will allow you to get rid of your scrap car with complete peace of mind in knowing that it is being handled legally.

We have undertaken the removal of hundreds of vehicles all in an environmentally friendly way. Call us now for free advice on how to dispose of your scrap car in Corby.

Scrap My Car Corby

If you’re thinking it’s time to scrap my car in Corby then look no further. Get your online quote now and join the hundreds who trust us as the number one company for scrapping their car and getting the most amounts of cash in return.

If you are living in the Corby area you can begin the process of scrapping your car right now by requesting a quote from us. We will give you an instant quote for your old car and can schedule the collection of your vehicle at a time that suits you. You don’t have to worry about ‘hidden fees’ either. The scrap my car in Corby dealers collect vehicles for scrapping your old car or recycling at absolutely no additional cost.

Scrap The Car Corby

If you are thinking of scrap my car in Corby, of course, everyone wants the best price. The scrap the car in Corby dealers will do vehicle scrapping and collection and will pay cash for your scrap car, what you have to do is just complete the online quotation form or contact us for a free quote.

You will be given a scrap car quote by one of the scrap the car in Corby dealers’ valuators who collect scrap cars in Corby. After taking a full assessment of your unwanted vehicle, we will give you a quote over the phone.

Despite the new scrap metal legislation introduced in December 2011, ScrapMyCar123 can pay you cash for your scrap car in Corby as we deal with the authorized treatment centers.

How To Scrap A Car In Corby:

The scrap car dealers in Corby are registered as vehicle dismantlers; no “non-trade” scrap car businesses’ are allowed being members.

If your car has failed its MOT or your car is an insurance write off, ScrapMycar123 can help. Visit us or talk to our expert staff today.

Provide us your scrap car information by filling its make, model, and condition online. If you accept our cash quote we offer for your scrap car and you’ll be ready to schedule a convenient pickup time.

When scrapping your car in Corby the DVLA needs to be notified using a Certificate of Destruction (COD), which can only be issued by scrap car recycling centers, known as Authorized Treatment Facilities (ATFs).

Having detached and retained section 3 (notification of sale or transfer of a vehicle) of the V5C document, customers should hand over the vehicle’s registration certificate (V5c). ScrapMycar123 will hand over the Certificate of Destruction (CoD) to the clients, which absolves them of any further responsibility for the vehicle.

The scrap car dealers in Corby will dismantle your old car and sell its spare parts and scrap in the body of the vehicle. ScrapMycar123 will take few parts from your vehicle which is in good condition before scrapping it so that the parts can be used to repair another vehicle.

Scrap My Car & Van Corby

Using our scrap van services in Corby ensures that you are in 100% compliance with the law.

We also make sure that your scrap van paperwork is completed with the appropriate agency, and that you have paperwork to prove that your van was scrapped legally.

Our collection services cover all of the Corby areas. For any other queries, make sure you contact us today. Call us for an instant quote or to discuss any further questions you might have about our scrap van services in Corby.

Our scrap van collection and van scrap services in Corby are fully licensed as you would expect. We also deliver a professional, friendly service at all times. This will allow you to get rid of your scrap van with complete peace of mind in knowing that it is being handled legally.

We can arrange removal of any scrap car or unwanted vehicles of yours for free. We provide secure, hassle-free pick up of your scrap car at absolutely no cost to you! Stop paying insurance for your scrap car you are not even using!

Scrap My Car Van Corby

Scrap My Car Corby

ScrapMyCar123 will RECYCLE your old scrap car and dispose of all the scrap metals and all chemicals by environmentally friendly and legal means.

Please, fill out now our online form of scrap car removal online and we will get back to you to schedule a pickup time.

When our drivers arrive to collect your scrap car, they will ensure that you are the legal owner of the vehicle, fill in all the relevant paperwork, and issue you with the required paperwork and a receipt.

You can then be assured of the peace of mind that your car has not only been taken away to be dealt with properly and with the environment in mind but also that you have no comebacks. We are a fully licensed company with the Environment Agency and always ensure that your scrap car is dealt with correctly. Every scrap car collected by us will end its life in an ATF (Approved Treatment Facility) otherwise known as an ELV (end of life vehicle facility).

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Enter your details into our contact form and one of our salvage experts will value your car.


Arrange a convenient time and date for us to collect your car.


Your car is recycled or used for parts.

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