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ScrapMyCar123 in Hinckley has been in the scrap car business for many years.

Get a good price for the sale of your scrap car!

Scrap Car Hinckley

They specialise in the collection and purchase of cars for scrap and also scrap metal. They deal daily with the public, businesses, local councils and insurance companies, ensuring they are a company you can trust.

Here at Scrap Car Hinckley, scrap my van in Hinckley you can get instant payments for your scrap car and first-class customer service. You can obtain an instant quote by completing our online form by entering your scrap vehicle’s registration number in Hinckley.

If your vehicle – car or van is pretty old and probably going to be more expensive than using than scrapping it is a good idea. Not only does ScrapMyCar123 in Hinckley pay to dispose of and recycle your unwanted natural end-of-life scrap car or scrap van, but we also pay in cash for vehicles that are not end-of-life (premature end of life).

How can you tell if your vehicle is End-Of-Life or Not?

ScrapMyCar123’s scrap car services

-If your vehicle is less than ten years old (call for details).
-If your car runs, drives, and is in excellent working order.
-If your vehicle is relatively new, but unusable due to an accident or major mechanical failure.

Our members have Authorized Treatment Centers, approved by the Department for the Environment. They have trained and highly skilled mechanics to expertly identify and remove components that are in good condition and suitable for reuse as recycled salvaged car parts. They will make sure that your scrap car is recycled.

Members of scrap car Hinckley, scrap my van in Hinckley dealers provide an environmentally friendly service, dismantling cars in specialist depollution bays where fluids are drained into containment tanks and parts removed to be recycled into other vehicles. Authorised Treatment Facilities aim to recycle 85% of every car, following government guidelines and provide you with the BEST scrap car Hinckley prices.

Scrap Car Hinckley

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Your car is recycled or used for parts.

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